Maxliss Keratin Sponge Free Effect Chrome 1L Maxliss Profissional

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Brazilian Keratin Chrome Reducer Sponge Free Effect 1L

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With its innovative formula, it improves the hair's texture amazingly, as it contains a cationic complex capable of accurately identifying damaged areas of the hair, restoring all the malleability of its structure. It has Prodew 500® and Hyaluronic Acid that reintegrate and rebuild the hair fiber and is enriched with trace elements that nourish, seal the cuticles and shield the hair permiting a durable effect.

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Hair fiber rebuilder and scalp treating agent.

This is an innovative active ingredient with rebuilding power. It fills intercellular gaps perfectly, revitalizing all your hair. It also acts on the scalp to improve the hair from the roots. It is naturally found in connective tissue, and has been used in esthetics for years, to improve skin sustainability and elasticity and to eliminate expression lines. Its hydrophilic properties act on the hair to maintain the fibers’ natural moisture, and recover their balance, elasticity and cohesion. It also acts on the scalp to reestablish its hydration levels, thus enabling the hair to grow in a healthier, stronger and shinier way.

Efficient volume reducer

State-of-the-art technology with a combination of 11 powerful amino acids. Its composition restores the surface of the strands, to immediately return their luminosity. It helps align the cuticles and intensely reduces hair volume.

To nourish and restructure the structure of the hair fibers

The oligoelement complex regenerates the structure of the capillary fibers, filling all the damaged strands and recovering hair strength. These oligoelements are responsible for protecting against hair loss, regenerating the cuticles and maintaining the level of hydration necessary for healthy hair.
The natural loss of moisture from capillary fibers causes loss of shine, breakage and scaling. The oligoelements used, such as calcium, zinc and silicon play a fundamental role in ensuring that hair continues to look good and be nourished, giving it back its malleability and shine, as well as greatly reducing the volume and strengthening the hair from end to end.

How to apply:

1- After wash the hair with Pre-Treatment Crome Shampoo, dry 80% and apply Volume Reducer Crome in thin sections.
2- Remove the excess and align the hair with a fine comb. After this process, wait about 40 minutes. 
After the action time, dry all hair 100% with hair dryer and comb it and use a flat iron 10 to 15 times with temperature up to 220ºC.

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