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Maroccare Anti-Porosity Hair Treatment System 680g

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Maroccare Anti Porosity System is a line of treatment hair with professional results and has essential function in your beauty ritual at home!

The Maroccare products was delicately developed from the discovery of the synergy between 07 powerful oils that promote extraordinary results in the hair.

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Hydrating Cleansing Shampoo 240ml

Developed from the combination of plant extracts and oils, Maroccare Hydrating Cleansing Shampoo was especially designed to preserve the beauty of hair in every washing. Completelly Salt free, Paraben free, Pretolatum free, Dea free, gently cleans and retain the hair's natural moisture, avoiding the wear out of cleaning chemicals.

It contains 07 powweful treatmens oils that act on the cuticle structure eliminating the hair's rough texture and providing immediate hydration and reflective shine.

How to use: Apply the desired amount to wet hair, gently massaging the scalp with your fingertips until there is enough foam. Then apply it to mid-lengths and ends, massage it and rinse thoroughly to remove the product. Repeat if necessary

Hydrating Sealing Conditioner 240g

Maroccare hydrating Conditioner has essestial function in your beauty ritual at home. Has designed to provide immediate hydration and conditioning to hair, has anti porosity action acts on the cuticle structure eliminating the rough texture of the yarn. Promotes incredible softness and reflective shine to hair.

How to use: After washing the hair with Maroccare Hydrating Cleansing Shampoo, remove excess water with a towel and apply Marrocare Hydrating Conditioner to the full extent of the hair. Wait 5 minutes and rinse to remove all the product.

Recovery Mask 200g

Recovery Mask Maroccare has repair action that acts on the cuticular surface, eliminating the porosity of the yarn immediately. It forms a hydrolipidic film that rescues the softness and unity of the cuticles, resulting in ultra-hydrated hair with renewed brightness and texture.

How to use:

After washing the hair with the Maroccare Hydrating Cleansing Shampoo, and condition with Hydrating Conditioner, remove excess of water from the threads with a towel and apply the Recovery Mask Maroccare the entire length of the hair.
Wait 5 minutes and rinse to remove the entire product.

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